At THEhotel every single attention is given to ensuring that your stay here is as desired. THEhotel takes pride in exceptional levels of service and attention to details, its designed to feel more like a modern private residence than a hotel. It is a serene retreat and an efficient private office with the latest amenities and high tech communication.

Built in 2009 on the premise that Enugu deserved a change of ambiance that theme guides our services and decor.

Our choice of decor is built to please your senses consiously and subconsiously. Rest begins when you approach the gate and continues through our thoughtfully arranged lounges and reception.

We are dedicated to customer appreciation and we do everything we can to learn and understand each guest and ensure that you...

- Stay Different -

State of the art fully air conditioned 100-seater conference hall with multimedia projection and teleconferencing facilities...More
From our beautiful pool and gym amenities to the well kept grounds, to the bar, restaurant and conference hall TheHotel is the place to be for relaxation or otherwise...More
Our Asian styled Restaurant is open round the clock with mouth watering contemporary continental cuisine and Nigerian dishes. More